Cobra Cuff Bracelet - 18K Gold Plated

Cobra Cuff Bracelet - 18K Gold Plated

This genuine leather cuff coils gently around your arm mimicking the exotic reptile it was named after.

Each Cobra Cuff Bracelet uses alternating bands of Python and Stingray Leather to create a unique asymmetrical cuff. The thinner rope-like bands of leather combine with sleek metal strips to offset and make this cuff more feminine.

Available in 18K Gold Plating.


    • Python Leather
    • Stingray Leather


    • Diameter: 2 ¼ in.
    • Overall Width: 2 in.
    • Weight: 1.6 oz.

      *One size fits most!

      Bordeaux Stingray
      Tangerine Stingray
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